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Q: Faced with dropping water levels the past two years. fish are deeper than normal and move deeper faster after the spawn. What do you look for when going after deeper fish? The inlet end in most of our reservoirs have stained water with visibility that varies from 6" to 2' and contain shallow flats with the old river channel averaging 10' to 20'. The water starts to clear as you head down with most main lake basins averaging 30' to 50', most reservoirs have both small and large bays in the midlake area. The Dam end is steep, deep, and gin clear with mainly bluffs and boulders in that area. Fishing the Dam end in both the spring and fall is always a good bet. It's the postspawn to early summer period that get's me scratching my head. It's rarley the same two years in a row. Thanks Professor.
M Horning Wyoming

A: First I would focus on edges of large flats with breaks to deeper water. Stained water is preferred to Gin clear and muddy. Although there are times where muddy works very well. Look for bait activity on the surface and on the graph. Concentrate on these areas.

Q: I'll be up north for the opener, where should I fish? -J. Lindstrom, IL
A: I like shallow murkier lakes early. I jig with a minnow and focus on flats.

Q: What is the best color for Walleye? - P. Adamson, MI
A: I like what the fish like. Usually start with chartreuse. However I have a few of each color of Fuzzy grub to give them what they want.