I've won a LOT of money fishing Rapalas over the years!

The Shad Rap I like for trolling and casting. I fish size 5, 7 primarily but use 8 and 9 when I need the depth. If you are not sure of the sizes you currently have, we will soon have a link with pictures that are actual size to compare. Colors vary day by day, so have an assortment.

The Original Floater is one I like in rivers, fishing it on 3 way rigs. I fish sizes 7 and 9 primarily, but have used 11 and 13 when the fish are big and aggressive.

The Countdown and Longcasting Rapala I like for casting shallow water as I can wing them and stay away from the fish.

The Tail Dancer is a great trolling bait for open water and deeper structure.

The Rapala is one of the best ways I know to help you put more fish in the boat. Each bait is still hand tuned at the factory! For more information, see their website at www.rapala.com.